Turn your android phone screen into an advertisement billboard to make $$$. (Sorry iPhone users, Apple does not allow these kinds of apps; none are available currently). This is  the easiest way to make an extra $15 bucks a month without changing your routine.

How do I get started?
Download these four free apps and sign up (click on the names to be taken to the Google Play store)! Use my referral code/link to gain points upon signup. S’more does not currently have a referral link option.



  1. Slidejoy (Link)

  2. S’more  

  3. Adme Code: O3QetTgVCH

  4. Fronto (Referral Link)          

  5. Adme Browser, what’s this? (Click here to learn more)

How do they work?

All of these apps add a layer to your lock screen. Most of them are swipeable screens that show an advertisement.  

Slidejoy, Adme, and Fronto  pay you based on how many times you swipe/unlock your phone. Yet, don’t go swipe crazy and expect to earn a $100! These apps are programmed to register an abnormal amount of swipes. The app S’more pays you 10 points per day, simply for having the app on your phone. It does not count swipes. These apps work great together, to earn 4x the money. Of course, each app adds a new layer to swipe, but it is simple and you get paid more for simply swiping and extra time!

How much should I expect to make? In short, $10-$15 a month.

I have used Slidejoy  since March 2016. I have redeemed a total of $15 in Amazon gift cards, but I have $8 in remaining earnings. That equals about $3-$4 a month. I installed  Adme, S’more, and Fronto  at the end of June. I just redeemed my first $10 in PayPal from Admebut have $2.10 pending. This equals about $6 a month. With S’more, I have redeemed a total of $7.45 in Amazon gift cards.  With Fronto, I have not redeemed any $ yet, but my point balance is 15,680 as of September 1st (which equals over $5 in Amazon gift card).  With the usage of these four apps, I earn $15 a month. 

Below are images from the apps on my phone! 

                          Slidejoy                  S’more                     Adme                    Fronto  


Wait- What do those numbers mean?

Each app has their own point system which correlates to a monetary value. (Except Adme)
1. Slidejoy 1,000 points=$1.00
2. S’more  10 points(daily)= $.10 or $3.00 a month
3. Adme     Exact dollar amount is shown,
 which is ideal. Each swipe equals $.02 earned. 4. Fronto   Point values vary per gift card.  A $5 Amazon gift card is 14,375 points, but a $5 Target card is 14,475 points.

Expect to earn about $10-$15 a month from having these apps installed at all times– I know $15 may not seem like much, but think of how little work on your end goes into earning that. I will gladly take the extra $100+ a year from this passive income!