Phone Farming 101

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Phone Farming, what is that?  Don’t worry you’re not the only one, most of the world has never heard of this either.  Imagine a bunch of phones and computers streaming video advertisements all day long in one house, earning money for an individual.  (Companies such as Swagbucks and Perk pay you a few cents for each video watched). To maximize income, multiple videos need to be played at once from multiple Android/Windows and iOS devices.  The successful Phone farmers are able to control their devices from anywhere (remotely). Some even use software to automate clicks (to play through videos without actively doing it).

I experimented with Phone Farming this summer. Most of my knowledge came from the most popular YouTuber in this category (he even has his own website dedicated to it. Visit: The Tech Slugs. He earns $1200 a month from this!).  Below, see the list of supplies I bought for this endeavor.


  1. Powerful Router                Poor Internet=less Money!

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 10.48.06 PM.png

2. Five Smartphones, with chargers included~ ZTE Whirl 2 (I also had an an old iphone that I had lying around)

*** Key: ZTE Whirl 2 are difficult to root. Little software is available. (Keep reading to learn why rooting is necessary)


                               Set Up- Key Factor I Missed

After you have your supplies, the next step is to get your devices ready.  A key factor in accessing the money-making power of your smartphones is rooting and jailbreaking them (basically unlocking them and gaining complete access- surpassing the limitations that Android or Apple has placed on your device).

This is where my experiment FAILED.  I did not realize this was a necessary capability. The ZTE Whirl 2 is not easy to root, and I could not find any available software to help the process. 

Before this attempt, I thought remotely controlling phones was EASIER. (With computers it’s a different story, it seems that there are significantly more limitations put on cell phones).  Honestly I spent two full days attempting to root these phones and researching if there was anyway possible. (I was not seeking to become a developer/computer engineer in the process). I decided to cut my losses on the $60.00 I spent on smartphones and write it off as a learning experience.

Since then, I have thought about re-attempting my phone farm since buying used phones that can be cracked and out-of-date are cheap, but I’m focused on creating more sustainable income. There is a concern with following company policies. Some money making applications/websites will ban users if they are earning too much or if they suspect you of owning multiple phones. If I do attempt this again, I will certainly look at outsourcing the phone set up!

I love the idea of a phone farm, but the set-up is not easy. I consider myself tech-savy, but this is definitely an intensive process. I definitely see why few people are able to copy his set up! 


Have you ever heard of phone farming? Comment below on what you think!