QriketThe designers and engineers that created the Qriket app definitely understand human psychology. The focus of the app is spinning a “money wheel”. When you click on the wheel to spin it, a random dollar amount is wagered. The most common wager is $.05, but the highest I’ve seen is $500. If you “win” the spin money is added to your account (shown on the top right side of the screen).

How do I earn spins?

Earning spins are done through watching advertisements or buying them . Watching one advertisement earns one spin, ads averaging around 30 seconds. Normally these ads are passive, watched with one click. Yet one I saw every few days was a “click through”.  You hit a continue button every 10 seconds (three times total), showing new content with each click. This is great for the advertiser because it has the user interacting with the content. On the users’ end, it is more time consuming.

You have the opportunity to earn about 10 spins every 10 hours. There is a set number of ads that you are allowed to watch, and after you breeze through those the app will tell you how many hours until you can watch again. A faster way to access spins is to buy them. How does one buy spins? You can use a credit card, but a better way is to use the money you’ve already earned on the app. The store allows you to purchase 2, 5, or 10 spins with 10 costing $.35. Opt for the cheaper option so that each spin costs individually less.

How much can you earn?

The likelihood of winning akin to gambling is set by an algorithm which changes daily. This is the ratio of wins to losses. Only spin on days if your ratio of winning to losing is higher than 1:2, preferably 3:5 or better. Don’t waste all your spins on a poorly matched day; test out five spins and check your ratio for the day. If it’s below that level wait until tomorrow to try again.

When trying to earn the most from this app, I set up five accounts (yes 5) on five different phones I use for app testing, but it was a waste. After doing more research on their policy, I found that Qriket only allows users to link one account to a PayPal email. You will be suspended if found having multiple accounts or you will not see any of the earned $$$. Thankfully, I had only used the multiple accounts for a few days.

I’ve seen estimates from users, such as Youtuber Thetechslugs (How to Make $50 a Month with Qriket) suggesting that that one can earn $50 a month.  I used this app daily for three weeks. My ending cash balance on this app is $4.15 although I will see none of that hit my bank account. The time I have spent using Qriket is not worth the meager amount I have earned.  Qriket sets a minimum cash out balance of $25. I would estimate that one can earn $15 a month.

Is this app worth the time?

I would say no. It is fun, but it does not yield enough versus the time spent.