Music is more important than ever, especially to millenials! With hot songs released daily, that $1.29 Itunes price isn’t going to cut it.  When I first got an iPod, (In 2007) I relied on CDs and Itunes gift cards to grow my music collection. When I yearned for more variety, I used a YouTube converter to change youtube music into mp3 files. It is free and at that time there was more music from major artists on Youtube. (Many records labels banned their music recently from being allowed on Youtube) Yet, it has its downsides. First, you have to find the music on YouTube (search for each title), find a video with decent sound quality, and then paste the URL into the converter and wait about 15 seconds. All in all, about a minute per song.

Next, I moved on to using Pandora Radio. This extremely convenient compared to my previous method, but the music was repetitive. There is not enough variety with Pandora music, limited amount of songs you can skip, many advertisements.

Earlier this year I tried Spotify for the first time. They allow you to have a 7 day free trial which is remarkably different than the paid version. On the free version while on a mobile device you can only listen to music on shuffle. You cannot select a specific song to play, and there are advertisements.   Honestly, having so many songs from top artists available at your fingertips is magical. Wait, it gets better. Spotify offers college students (Spotify Student) a deal, half price for $4.99 a month.  So much better than $9.99 a month. All you need is a working college email. To me, Spotify Premium is worth it to access a large collection of music, without interruption.

How do you listen to your music?