What is User Testing?    screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-4-43-18-pm

You earn money by voicing your opinion out loud in regards to a company’s website/app. It’s super easy, and most tests take twenty minutes. You earn $10 per test.  Once selected, you are given a set of instructions and prompted to complete the tasks. While doing these actions, you will speak about why you are taking these actions and your thought process.

How do I join?

Apply online User Testing. Applying and being a user is completely free.  After you join, you must wait until your first test is graded to have full site access.  It takes about a week for them to grade.

Website graders (the company who sent in the test request) who have listened to your video and seen your answers will grade you out of five stars. Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 4.54.33 PM.png They grade based on how helpful your video was.

Now I’m all signed up, but how do I find tests?

These are available on a first come, first serve basis. It is recommended that you keep a browser tab open on the User Testing website all day. If you have a new available survey, you will hear a “ding”. If you qualify for the survey, then you are ready to go!

Additionally, at the top of the screen a blue banner may appear prompting you to click here to potentially qualify for another test. By answering these, you give yourself a greater possibility to take a test (meaning more $$$).

Are there requirements?

There are no fees to sign up, but you must pass application. Additionally, since testing is virtual you must either have a smartphone or a computer (desktop or laptop) and internet connection available.

My experience?

After using this a couple weeks, I earned $13 through using this app (You first test lasted only about 5 minutes so they pay $3). My $10 test was actually for a large company. I was asked to rate the usability of Verizon Wireless’s website, and perform different research of cell phones on the website.

When I first started using this site, at the end of August, I was online often so I saw a new test every couple days. Then, due to business, I did not login for a month (all of September), and now recently started keeping the browser open again. I have my browser open only 20 hours a week now, so less tests are available. Additionally, I have never been found qualified for a test I applied through the blue banner.

I love the design of the website and it’s great if you work from home. The income earned from this is minimal, so I recommend dedicating little time. I hope more companies looking for testers will join so that tests will become available more often. All payouts are done through PayPal, so it is very safe.